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About Us

Founded by the "Design with Divers" perception, Innovasub is a company developing innovative underwater technologies for recreational and commercial divers. Since it's foundation, Innovasub has been collaborating with reputable universities, governmental organizations and industry actors for developing state-of-the-art products for underwater enthusiasts and commercial entities.

Innovasub has brought many enthusiasts together, through years of thriving research, team spirit and passion. The Innovasub team have successfully implemented outstanding underwater applications in a short period of time, resulting in a wide portfolio of innovative underwater products.

Innovasub, being a leader in innovative underwater technology, continues to bring new products to the market, inspired by the Nature's creative symbiotic design, redundancy and modular structure.


Inovasub has a large range of partners from different fields of expertise. We believe in any kind of industry a company is much stronger with its allies, and could achieve much more with the right partners on the right business. Among our partners there are governmental organizations, research centers, universities, manufacturers, dealers and distributors. Here is a list of partners that we are proud to be working with.

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