NarmorX is the next generation scuba gear, designed with high-quality aesthetics and equipped with high end underwater technologies for comfort, safety and ergo dynamics.

It is the futuristic scuba equipment that is streamlined, compact, accessible, habitual and safe.

NarmorX is equipped with double scuba tanks, double 2nd stage regulators and double manometers that provide safety and redundancy, as well as double BC inflators, one of which is a pneumatic inflator where you can inflate and deflate in any position.

NarmorX’s optimal configuration uses composite scuba cylinders rated to 300 bar / 4500 psi, giving the diver approximately 40% more gas to breathe and a lightweight yet protected casing.

NarmorX sets the standard for future sports diving equipment.

Designed with redundancy and safety in mind, NarmorX is the next generation scuba equipment.

NarmorX is a streamlined, compact and safe scuba gear that is equipped with double composite scuba cylinders, double 1st and 2nd stage regulators and manometers, and double BC inflators, one of which has the ability to deflate on any position of the scuba diver, hence improving buoyancy.

The equipment is contained in a fiber shell which is practical to wear and easy to maintain. The shell protects the light weight carbon fiber tanks and offers the lightest solution forSCUBA. The system can be used with aluminum tanks as well.

The shell comes in 6 different color selections.
Make it unique:

  • The shell can be painted to any color, figure, or brand for customization.
  • Double 1st stage regulators
  • Double 2nd stage regulators
  • Double manometers
  • 1 standard inflator
  • 1 pneumatic inflator
  • Double 4,7 lt / 300 bar (50 cu ft / 4500 PSI) Composite Cylinders with a total capacity approximately equivalent to 15lt / 200 bar (100 cu ft / 300 PSI) tanks. It is also possible to use 5 lt Aluminum cylinders.
  • On-shell weight 3 X 3 weight matrix with a maximum capacity of 8kg (17.6 lbs
  • Releasable weight up to 10kg (22 lbs)
  • Variable color choices
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