Panel Mate

Panel Mate

Panel Mate enables companies to take control of their commercial diving operations. Panel Mate converts the pressure information from analog to digital and enables to monitor the depth of surface supplied divers remotely. It can monitor up to three surface supplied divers and allows to perform decompression management on surface.

This breakthrough technology allows to record commercial diving data, makes it possible to transfer real time data via internet to mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPhone, iPad and PC’s.

Innovasub's Panel Mate Unit and Panel Mate Desktop provide an integrated solution for monitoring divers from the surface. Recording divers' depths and partial pressures of Helium and Oxygen makes the supervisor's tasks much easier thanks to a large, clear display of the depths and partial pressures of gas on the 7” touch screen. Hence, safer conditions for diving.

Panel Mate Unit is an add-on to your own analog panel supervising divers adding digital sensors. It adds safety without modifying your existing system.

Panel Mate Unit sends its dive measures in live to Panel Mate Desktop (optional), an application installed on a Windows computer or Android tablet which runs decompression algorithms and records dive data.

Panel Mate Desktop makes the supervisor tasks even easier with running in live dive algorithms for up to 3 divers. The dive profiles recorded and stored into a logbook will greatly help you in developing your safety protocols and eliminating paperwork.

As an extra safety, Panel Mate Unit backs-up the dive data of its last 96 hours of operation into its internal memory. The data can be copied to a USB flash disk or hard drive at any time, and loaded to Panel Mate Desktop for analysiss.

Decompression Algorithm Options:

Neo Haldanian with 16 compartments

Neo Haldanian with 6 compartments

Straight Dive Tables (US Navy)

Continuous Tissue (see downloadables for detail)

Decompression Algorithm Display

One or Two algorithms (simultaneously).

Dive Modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge

Number Divers: Up to 3 divers simultanously

Units: Metric and Imperial

Data Transfer: From Sensors to Panelmate : USB Connection, From Panelmate to PC : IEEE 802.1x protocol

Alarm Type: Visual

Alarm Modes: Depth Alarm, Elapsed Dive Time Alarm, CNS Toxicity Alarm, ppO2 Alarm, Fast Ascent Alarm, Deco Violations

Data Storage: In computer

Panel Mate Box Size: 270 mm x 220 mm x 110 mm

Screen Size: 7 inch

Maximum Depth: 75m

Battery Life: 3-4 hours

Battery Recharge Type: USB charged.

Operating Temperature: 0-60 C (32-140 F)

Attitude Modes: 3 Modes: 0-800m, 801-1600m, 1600-2400m

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