DPX-1 Shield

DPX-1 Shield

Push the limits while diving with the DPX-1 Shield tablet housing! You can carry and use your tablet while underwater without any hesitation, so you can use your tablet any way you want. With the DPX-3 Dagger, you can access your tablet underwater by touching it as you wish.

While underwater, DPX-1 Shield is interactive underwater with the patent-pending DPX-3 Dagger, which offers limitless possibilities thanks to the smart tablet's touch screen and fast processor. DPX-1 Shield allows you can dive up to 60m/200ft. depth with your tablet.

Improve your dive experience with DPX-1 Shield, state-of-the-art housing for tablets. While underwater, it is interactive* with patent-pending DPX-3 Dagger, providing endless possibilities by touch screen and powerful processor of the smart tablet.

Description :

DPX-1 Shield is the heart of the Orion Tablet Platform. Thanks to the robust housing of DPX-1, it is now possible to take your tablet underwater up to 60m/200ft. depth.

Once your tablet is underwater, endless apps and gadgets are waiting to enrich your diving experience. We have already built many app and gadgets for you; to name a few:

We are working on new apps and gadgets:

  • Visual Sensus App support for marine diversity Identification
  • Training app support for student dive records
  • DPX-5++ enhanced heart rate and breathing monitor for researchers
  • Underwater messaging
  • Underwater GPS and navigation

We are cooperating with researchers, engineers and app developers for innovative apps and gadgets; such as:

- Divesafe

DiveSafe will combine a variety of diving-related technology, equipment, and apps into a comprehensive solution that will make research and professional diving missions more efficient and safe. The DiveSafe project receives funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) program of the European Commission.

- Habitat mapping for ecological projects
Biosphere research center
Halaskargazi Cad. No:138, 34363, Şişli/İstanbul

How we do it:

Its anodized aluminum base, tempered glass windows, and four secure locks guarantee the safety of your smart tablet underwater. Every housing is pressure tested and can be safely used to depths up to 60 meters. Beside the DPX-1 Shield Standard that can accommodate 8"-11" tablets. INNOVASUB is ready to provide you any custom size DPX-1.

Ergonomic handles enable you to carry out your diving mission with optimal grip.

3 models of DPX-1 permit the use of three features of tablets:

1- USB Access: DPX-1 Shield+ version provides a USB port connection with a wet connector for 3rd party hardware and software developers.

2- Camera lens access: DPX-1V Shield to snap and record remarkable moments with an internal tablet camera thanks to the viewport of the DPX-1 series. DPX-1V is also equipped with ball mount bases to accommodate video lights or any other accessory.

3- Touch Display Access: DPX-3 Dagger allows the access to the touch display of S-Pen* (S-Pen is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.) compatible tablets.

More features, more accessories:

Easy to attach mounting points of the DPX-1 base tray allows combination with diving accessories such as flashlight, knife, lanyard, marker buoys etc. Moreover, DPX-1 Shield diving experience can be enriched by the following accessories build exclusively for the Orion Tablet Platform:

- DPX-3 Dagger to access the display

- DPX-5 Rigel to read depth and water temperature wirelessly.

- DPX-7 SeaFalcon to carry the Shield and provides more space for storage and accessory attachment such as knife, small tools, action cams etc.

- Buoyancy Foam. The housing has an approximate buoyancy of +1,1 kg. depending on the tablet used. Some divers may consider this as an advantage while others may ask for a custom foam to compensate for the buoyancy and bring the system to neutral or floating state.

- Video Lights

- Vacuum based sealing Indicator.


- Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor

- * S Pen featured Samsung Tablets.

S-Pen is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

** Compatible Model List;

table list

We support innovation and research:

- We are open to collaborate with researchers, engineers and developers for building new apps new gadgets around the DPX-1 Shield. Do not hesitate to contact us for working on the new apps and diving instruments.

DPX-1 Shield Standard* Technical Data

  • Width*: 375 mm
  • Height*: 220 mm
  • Depth*: 55 mm
  • Weight: 3380 g
  • Underwater Weight: 1150 g (without buoyancy foam, without accessories)
  • Max Operating Depth: 60 m / 196 feet
  • Compatible with 8-11” smart tablets.
  • Viewport for video and photo (for DPX-1V)
  • USB port (for DPX-1+)
  • Combined Viewport and USB feature (for DPX-1V+)
  • Anodized aluminum base, Tempered glass cover with 4 secure joints.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Waterproof to a depth of 60 meters.
  • Easy to attach mounting points.

*Sizes are for the Standard model. DPX-1 Shield can be custom made for other tablet sizes.

Accessories List

  • Ball Mount for video lights (for DPX-1V and DPX-1V+)
  • Video Lights
  • Humidity sensor
  • Vacuum test system
  • Buoyancy Foam
  • Hard Case
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