DivePhone the new direction in dive computing

DivePhone is a patented, groundbreaking alternative to dive computers. It consists of a rugged housing for your mobile device (smartphone, palmtop computer, Personal Digital Assistant-PDA), an external module collecting the ambient dive-related data and our exclusive Depth Monitor application installed on your mobile device.

The external module wirelessly sends dive data to your smartphone, and Depth Monitor application uses the data to make your smartphone function as the world’s first programmable dive computer with an operating system and all the advantages.

Smart Dive Computer by Innovasub. The new era in dive computing is here

-What is the DivePhone?

DivePhone raises the computing and display capabilities of the dive computer to the next level. DivePhone system consists of three modular components:

DivePhone Housing
DivePhone Housing
DivePhone Housing

DivePhone system has a rugged, robust housing that guarantees the safety of your smartphone underwater. To minimize the risks of flooding, it is developed as a monoblock housing with single sealing.

To ensurefull pressure resistance, DivePhone housing has no external connectors for sensors it uses an external sensor module with wireless data transfer. The DivePhone Housing is pressure tested and can be safely used to depths of 80 meters. It is made of Polyphenylen sulfide, an organic polymer making the maintenance easy.

DivePhone External Sensor Module
DivePhone External Sensor Module
DivePhone External Sensor Module

The DivePhone system uses an external sensor module to collect crucial dive data and send them to the smart phone. It uses the wireless protocols and capabilities of your smartphone to transmit the data.

The module has it's own battery supply with up to 8 hours of life when fully charged. It is easily rechargeable via a standard USB connection. Every single module is pressure tested and can be safely used to depths of 80 meters.

DivePhone Software - The Depth Monitor Application
DivePhone Software Depth Monitor Application
DivePhone Software Depth Monitor Application

Depth Monitor Application is supported by Android and iOS (iPhone Operating System) devices. This enables nearly any smartphone device to be used with DivePhone (including many PDAs, iPod Touch, iPhone, or any type of smartphone running Android or iOS).

The synthesis of dive computer and mobile phone enables brand-new features:

  • Multi algorithm selection
  • Run two algorithms simultaneously
  • Real time dive profile during dive
  • Complete dive informations on one screen
  • High definition graphics
  • Color-coded back light alert system
  • Up to three deco stops displayed instead of ceiling only
  • Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes
  • Easiest-to-navigate dive computer menu ever
  • Touch screen menu navigation and adjustments
  • Detailed end of dive reports
  • Unlimited dive logging
  • E-mail dive logs
  • Underwater maps of dive sites
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy upgrades And many other advantages through mobile device's computing and graphic capacity

Application: Depth Monitor from iTunes or Google Play

Decompression Algorithm Options
  • Four algorithm options
  • Neo Haldanian with MARBEN low bubble score model
  • Buhlmann ZHLc with preset Gradient Factors
  • Straight Dive Table App
  • Continuous Tissue with infinite number of compartments
Decompression informations
  • Two algorithms run simultaneously in one display
  • Deco stop listing Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes
Decompression Modalities
  • Deep Stops, Safety Stops
Altitude compensation
  • 3 levels-Automatic: 0-800m,801-1600m, 1600-2400m
Additional Graphics
  • Dive Site Maps
Housing Size
  • 138mm x 108mm
  • Size118mm x 61mm
Housing Material
  • Polyphenylen sulfide (PPS) and Polycarbon
Maximum Depth
  • 80 m / 262 FEET
Battery Life
  • 8 hours
Recharge Type
  • USB charged
Operating Temperature
  • 0-60 C (32-140 F)
Log capacity
  • Up to 27 000 hours per Gb of memory
  • Extended Statistics
Alarm Modes
  • Depth, Elapsed Dive Time, CNS Toxicity, ppO2, Fast Ascent, Deco Violations
Quality Assurance
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified production
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