The largest percentage of fatal accidents is caused by drowning.

Nerites-FX1 is designed to provide high pitch alarms when the diver stops breathing.

NERITES FX1 comes with three vital functions:

Breathing & Depth Monitor
Records breathing and depth data during diving.

Buzzer alerts activated when apnea is detected (2 different levels)
Regulator Diagnostics.

Detects regulator failures
Buzzer alerts when IP (Intermediate Pressure) is Lower or Higher than nominal values.

Panic Button
Emergency / Alert signal for other divers.

Nerites FX1 is a breathing warning unit that is connected between the BC hose and inflator of the BC. Nerites records the depth and breathing profile of a diver and acts as a warning unit if the diver stops breathing temporarily, or over a long period of time.

The depth and breathing can be recorded for over 9 hours, or 30 dives, whichever comes first. The recorded data can be uploaded to a PC for monitoring. The PC download software has an option to export dive logs into DAN DL7 format. The compliance is verified by DAN EUROPE.

Nerites comes with user definable buzzer alarms that are operated when the diver stops breathing temporarily (Low volume sound over 1-120 seconds of not breathing, high volume sound over 2-500 seconds of not breathing). The buzzer also can be used manually for warning or attracting attention, by simply pressing the button on the unit.

  • Waterproof to a depth of 100 metres
  • Standard inflator - BC hose connection
  • Audible buzzer that can be programmed for non-breathing phases
  • Low-volume sound after 1-120 seconds of not breathing (programmable through the PC user interface)
  • High-volume sound that can be heard within 150 m/500 ft under the water, after 2-500 seconds of not breathing (programmable through the PC user interface)
  • Manual buzzer button for warning / attracting attention underwater or on the surface
  • Standard USB mini-B plug inside the unit
  • USB Cable for Standard-A plug connection to PC
  • Memory: 9 hours of dive log (including the breathing pattern)
  • Divelogs (breathing pattern included) directly imported to Innovasub – LogBook app, allow to display dive profile and breathing profile at the same time.
  • PC download software compatible with DAN DL7 format
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