DPX-10 3-D Reconstruction Services

DPX-10 3-D Reconstruction Services

Any diver can now acquire 3D models of underwater archaeological remains, shipwrecks, and dive sites with only one dive, thanks to our DPX-10 | 3D Reconstruction services.

Identify the area/object you want to model, take photos and contact us, it's that simple! You don’t need to be a photography expert. We've written an instruction that guides you through all of the processes so you can accomplish it even if you've just done one dive. We'll also provide online support, and you'll be able to access the model you've produced from your phone, tablet, or computer with a single click.

DPX-10 | 3-D Reconstruction Services

Thanks to our Orion Tablet Platform, it is now possible for any diver to obtain the 3D models of underwater archaeological remains, shipwrecks and dive sites even after a single dive.

You do not have to be an expert in photogrammetry or photography. We have prepared an instruction that explains all the steps you will do so that you can do this easily even after a single dive. We will be providing online support as well and you will be accessing the model you have created with a single click from your phone, tablet or computer.

Case Study:

Our team arrived to Gallipoli on the 2021, August 19th. The next day they went to the dive site “Suvla Bay”. HMS Louis, which was used in the First World War and sunk off the coast of Gallipoli. HMS Louis was a Laforey-class destroyer built for the British Royal Navy during the 1910s. The ships had an overall length of 268 feet 10 inches (81.9 m), a beam of 27 feet 8 inches (8.4 m) and a draught of 10 feet 6 inches (3.2 m). Louis was powered by two Brown-Curtis direct-drive steam turbines, each driving one propeller shaft, using steam provided by four Yarrow boilers. It was sunk by Turkish artillery fire in Suvla Bay while it was on support duty in 1915. Today, the HMS Louis Wreck provides an enjoyable underwater adventure for underwater divers of all skill levels in Suvla Bay. The steam boilers and pipes of the 14-meter-deep wreck have survived to the present day and is inhabited by rich marine life. By the end of 2 dives our diving team was able to finish the underwater work, we had processed the images during the night and the next day the HMS LOUIS 3D model was ready.

You can see the model below from different angles by using your mouse buttons.

Moreover, thanks to the state of the art 3D printing services, you can build the replica of your models or engrave them in crystal. See below our 3D replicas of HMS Louis and the crystal engraved 3D model.

How it works:

Our 3D modeling service has options of different qualities such as draft, standard, high definition and pro. If you purchase the DPX-ORION Tablet platform and our SeaCam application, we offer this service for you free of charge for your first standard 3D model (This service is limited to reconstruction with a maximum of 6000 photos).

First we send you an instruction set that outlines the methodology; if required we will be available to have an online chat of 45 min to tell you more about tips and tricks for a good result. Second, you organize your dive and scan the object or the dive site. Once we receive your files, we will produce the 3D model within 48 hours.

DPX-10 Technical Data

3D models can be produced in 4 different qualities. These qualities are respectively draft, standard, high definition and pro models. Based on the model in an area of 60 square meters.

For draft model;

  • About 50 percent of the photos taken are aligned
  • Approximately 25 dots are removed from aligned photos
  • The size of the resulting model is 3MB. (Only 3D model)

For standard model

  • About 90 percent of the photos taken are aligned
  • Approximately 275 dots are removed from aligned photos
  • The size of the resulting model is 17MB. (Only 3D model)

For high definition model

  • About 95 percent of the photos taken are aligned
  • Approximately 850 dots are removed from aligned photos
  • The size of the resulting model is 33MB. (Only 3D model)
high definition

For pro model

If you want to get technical information about the Pro model, contact us.

  • 3D models can be created in scale upon request.
  • The standard scale value is 1/500.

If you want to produce a model with a different scale, contact us.

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