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Persons who access this website ( have been informed in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. However, by filling out these forms and giving consent, it is deemed that they have been informed about the recording, processing, transfer, deletion, destruction and anonymization of their personal data for the purposes described below, in accordance with the following procedures and principles, and that they have read, understood and accepted this form, which consists of 6 articles.

This information is provided by within the scope of the provisions of the disclosure obligation of the data controller, which is regulated in the required article of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Recording Your Personal Data:

It is recorded in ways adapted to our personal data policy, the titles of which are stated below.

How is your personal data obtained and recorded?

Your website visitor information; After being obtained through contact form, request form, GOOGLE Analytics, social media, digital marketing channels and similar methods, the personal data you enter in the contact form directed to you is transferred to our database with secure methods and saved.

Processing of your personal data: In this context, your personal data is processed for the following purposes.

Criminal Code, Misdemeanors Law, Code of Obligations, Commercial Code, Labor Law, Law on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime, in particular; Sharing evidence with institutions authorized by law, courts and prosecution offices in case of violations of the relevant legislation, detection, investigation and prevention of site internal policy or standard violations, management and execution of the site's main activity services, centralization of data, fulfillment of contractual obligations of the site, analysis of data on the site and internet The aim is to improve the services on the website and to provide faster and more effective service to the people who fill out the contact form.

Deletion, Destruction and Anonymization of Personal Data: This data in our personal data inventory will be kept for as long as the storage periods stipulated by the legislation or the reason for processing are valid, as regulated in our site policies, after the expiry of this period, our site reserves the right to archive and delete it.

Transfer of your personal data: Personal data regarding your site visit record may be transferred to the following persons and organizations.

Security of Your Personal Data: As stated in our Information Security Policy and Personal Data Protection Policy, the site takes all kinds of technical and administrative measures on the following subjects to ensure the appropriate level of security while carrying out personal data processing activities.

Your Rights: To the extent that your data is processed by the Site and processed as a data controller, you have the following rights in terms of your personal data;

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