Air Control System MK IV

INNOVASUB, MK IV Computer Integrated Diver Control System provides an integrated solution for the modern surface supplied air diving operations for two divers. The system is delivered in a shock resistant waterproof case. MK IV uses the same mechanical air control system as MK IV and MkVI.

The touchscreen driven notebook size computer integrates voice and video communications as well as the dive profiles. All communications and dive profiles are recorded.

Dual Digital Gauge (DDG) System: The classical pneumo system is used for the measurement of the depth of the divers except that the depth gauges in MKIV are digital.

The digital technology reduces greatly the weight, cost and space without losing accuracy. Two redundant LED illuminated digital depth gauges (DDG-one main and one back up) with seven segment digital displays are provided for each diver. The gauges are accurate up to 10 cm-4inches, and continuously monitoring the diver’s depths from 0-500 FSW (0-150 MSW). Maximum recommended user depth: 50 MSW-170 FSW. Available in imperial and metric format. DDG system is connected to the computer and dive profiles are recorded electronically.

No more paperwork! Powered with Supervisor SideKick 1.0 software, MK IV Computer Integrated Diver Control System:

Keep track of the multiple diver’s bottom times, dive times, diver details and checklists; enhances safety through the software guided risk analysis, built in diver identification system contact details, photo, medical details, emergency contact numbers, known allergies etc ;

one button access to Emergency Plan including treatment tables, access to US NAVY manual, acces to company operations manual (optional) and evacuation procedures.

and more…

Air Control System for air diving operations of two divers with digital readings and recording.


  • A low pressure inlet, adjustable high pressure regulator to convert high pressure from two tanks, to low pressure for the umbilical.
  • A pair of US Standard and Metric dual reading gauges for two divers' readings
  • Digital readings and recording of depth profiles
  • Powered with Supervisor Sidekick 1.0
  • Two way communication system
  • A The Communication Set is a multipurpose intercommunication system that provides reliable and clear communications.
  • Digital Depth Gauge: Dual reading LED illuminated gauges are accurate to + 1/4 of 1% of scale, continuously monitoring the diver’s depths from 0-250 FSW (0-78 MSW). Maximum recommended user depth: 160 FSW.
  • Shut-off valves allow the isolation of one diver’s air supply from the other.
  • Selector Valve Handle is used to choose either one of the air supply cylinders or the compressor inlet. Individual cylinders may be changed out with no interruption of the dive.
  • High Pressure (HP) Supply Gauges directly monitor the pressure in each of the air supply cylinders
  • Low pressure Air Supply Fitting allows a low pressure compressor to be used as the primary air source. Low Pressure Supply Max. 250 P.S.I.
  • Umbilical Pressure Gauge provides a constant reading of the pressure in the diver’s umbilical. The scale on the gauge is 0-375 P.S.I. (0-25 Bar).
  • High Pressure Air Supply Yokes with DIN fittings. Each yoke has a bleeder valve for rapid cylinder changing.
  • P. Supply Max. 3000 P.S.I. (206 Bars )
  • Online Profile viewing
  • Emergency procedures lookup
  • US navy dive tables lookup
  • High Pressure Air Supply Yokes with DIN fittings. Each yoke has a bleeder valve for rapid cylinder changing.
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